Why Do I Speak?


I speak because EVERYONE needs someone to guide them in the right direction when they are on top of the world & when they feel like they want to crawl under a rock. I understand that every person on planet earth has a gift. My gift is not necessarily changing lives; my gift if giving people the right tools the change themselves. I am able to do that via Leadership, Diversity, Team-buildings & Trainings etc. While being humble, charismatic & humorous I find a way to connect with every audience regardless of their background or their struggle. I speak because we all have issues that we want to overcome & do my best to make that process an easy one. Our Self-esteem & Confidence drives us in our successes & picks us up during our failures. I speak because EVERYONE has something to be proud of, to stand up for & to believe in & for starters that something is THEM! We have to realize our greatness from the inside out.

  • I speak to create community & leadership
  • I speak to encourage people to find, appreciate & understand true diversity
  • I speak to help people develop & cultivate self-esteem
  • I speak to encourage & develop students & professionals
  • I speak because it is my gift & I want people to find theirs
  • I speak because you deserve a lasting impression
  • I speak to entertain, educate & engage
  • I speak to help educate on student & corporate bullying


  • Keynote Presentations
  • Workshops and College Presentations
  • Corporate Leadership and Sensitivity Training
  • Military Programs
  • Keynote
  • Workshops
  • Corporate
  • Military Programs