I Don’t Hate, iMotivate

“How to Destroy Bullying, Build Community & Develop Leaders in Your School & at Your Home”

What a Day of Motivation Should Look Like At Your School!

This is a day that you dedicate to your entire school and/or community to motivate and move everyone in the right direction! Motivate me will consist of workshops throughout the day that would allow teachers to present on an important subject. Stan Pearson would keynote an assembly and conduct workshops as well. He will spend the day working with your team prior to the day beginning and then the festivities would begin as planned!

There are so many issues that students, staff and community members face each day. A day like today will give them the jump start they need. It is more than motivation because everyone will be given tools that they can walk away with to better themselves and the people around them!

Motivate Me is a Movement, a Challenge and Most Importantly Necessary!

Call with questions and planning dates so you can start putting together an incredible time for your Students, Staff, Community as well as yourself!

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