Intro to EveryDay Sexy

Welcome to the EveryDay Sexy Podcast. I’m so excited to share with you how this podcast can help your mind, body & soul. The name of this podcast may throw you off initially; however, it is my plan to bring you into the fold quickly. The word sexy means confidence, success, inner beauty & everything that makes you who you are!

We often allow society to tell us how we should feel about who we are. Our insecurities have the ability to rule our existence if we aren’t more sure of who we are & what makes us who we are. I am honored that you would share your time with me with the commitment being that we will make ourselves better every single day.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to strengthen themselves mentally while gaining more confidence. I have to be honest, the more important piece to that is what you do with your confidence!

Here on the EveryDay Sexy Podcast, we don’t promise to be perfect, we simply promise to be better today than we were yesterday!

I will be facilitating the Podcast & will bring in guests from time to time to discuss their life, experience, success & how they engage their EveryDay Sexy.

Having this podcast & sharing it with you is an absolute dream come true. Please do me a favor, Share this Podcast & Subscribe! I promise it will continue to improve & get better as we grow together!

All the best!

Look Good, Feel Good & Be Good!

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