Great program, Stan! It was fun, interactive, and thought-provoking.
– Andrea Christopher; Director of Student Affairs, Penn State Mont Alto

Best speaker! Easy to understand and presented wonderfully.
– Shayla Hutchinson; Student, Dallas Baptist University

Thank you so much for coming to speak to our students at PSU Mont Alto. Your presentation was engaging, thought provoking, and poignant! I appreciate what you are putting out into the world and I am thankful that an intelligent, articulate and sincere man has chosen to share his passion for unification with the rest of the world. I am officially a fan.
– Tiffany Smith; Assistant Residence Hall Coordinator, Penn State Mont Alto

I had a great time when you came to our campus and taught us the real basics of Salsa dancing.  Thanks a lot Stan and glad you came back!
– Matt Jepson; Student, Schreiner University

Great speaker and very knowledgeable.  Stan’s topics are very relevant to us, our generation and various cultures and got me to see things through a different lens.
– Danielle Wilcher; Student, University of Texas – Arlington

You were great. You inspired me. You made me go beyond just scratching the surface of diversity from all you taught in the event.  Thank you!
– Matthew Yearwood; Student, Penn State

The program was truly awesome and made me think.
– Stacia Smith; Student, University of Arkansas

I really enjoyed the program! It was very informative and we touched on some great topics that probably wouldn’t be touched anywhere else. I love it and “Just Because I am Doesn’t Mean…”!
– Jennipher Orebo; Student, University of Texas – Arlington

Mr. Pearson does an outstanding job of engaging the audience with tense controversial topics while making everyone feel comfortable.
– Stephen Marcus Bowen; Student, Trinity University

“Please say yes!” Stan Pearson mesmerizes his audience by giving them the confidence they need to get up and move. ‘No Chips with this Salsa’ was an excellent program that really got students excited and on their feet all night. He reaches out to them, and in turn they reached out to him and took a lot back with them from the program. My staff and I all really enjoyed the event, and would recommend more of it to every institute.
– Ammar Hussain; Assistant Residence Coordinator, Penn State Behrend

I absolutely loved the program; I thought Stan Pearson did an excellent job of incorporating his own experiences with the experiences we go through every day. He brought stereotypical thoughts, words, and actions to the surface to be evaluated, questioned, and remediated, so that we may begin or continue to appreciate, understand and celebrate other people’s diversity.
– David Ryan Bunting; Professor, William and Jefferson College

Truly Inspiring. He blessed me with food for thought and challenged my intellect. I enjoyed myself and am very grateful for the opportunity.
– Chanese Jones; Student, Dallas Baptist University

…One charismatic guy. He really relates to students and what they are going through. He’s energizing and encouraging. I frequently refer to his message in my classes. I highly recommend Stan.
– Nicole Arias; Professor, Texas A & M International University

Stan, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your speech at the Bacchus Gamma Conference. You moved me, not only with your words, but with the energy and excitement you carry on your shoulders while speaking. I just wanted to thank you once more.
– Donavan Wainright; Student, Amarillo Community College

Excellent job! It was a pleasure to see you in action.
– Anna Escobedo Cabral, United States Treasurer

I really enjoyed your presentation and your speech. It’s a great way to make Leadership fun and interesting.
– Becca Ray; Student, East Central H.S

You are easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Great information and thank you.
– Chip Moxley; Sponsor, East Central H.S.

Your presentation really inspired me and changed me in many ways.
– Dante Hurtado, Boerne, TX

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