3 Ways to Create a Better Work Environment

Good Day!
Holy Smokes, It’s Friday!
The year is coming to an end for students & you’ll still be holding down the fort, so I thought to provide a few ways to improve the office environment.
1) Ask “What can we do to make being at the office more enjoyable?”
– Have everyone list 3-5 things that would make the work environment more enjoyable.
It can be anything from allowing late arrival, early release 30 minute or something rotating.
– Play Day (30 min): have dedicated time to (play) just hang, play cards, uno, old school games. The key is having this as an official part of the schedule so team members have something to look forward to.
– Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, so if you’re presenting this to a higher up, let them know how this can benefit them too. A happier office works better together even if everyone isn’t best friends.
– Consider everyone’s 3-5 suggestions. Make some time to talk through what could make sense and have everyone share something that would be TOTALLY out of the question but how some version of it could exist.
2) Music Mondays – Work Out Wednesday – Funny Fridays
– Theme Theme Theme will work. If you’re already doing this, then you understand. Again, this is about giving people something they can be a part of that isn’t draining. Music or even a DJ IN the office depending on how work is set up or around the area could be fun. Most people appreciate good/fun music. It just helps. Be intentional about requests or types of music.
– Work Out Wednesday: imagine every other Wednesday, if/when possible the office is closed for 30 minutes and everyone takes a walk or everyone does an activity IN the office together. The office’s success is based on the team. This will encourage engagement and help increase morale, conversation, “once you
catch your breath” and attitude.
– Either way, have some kind of theme or core that everyone understands and has a hand in putting together. You spend a lot of time at work, so it should be a place more enjoyable to be.
3) Implement Grievances and Announcements:
What is this exactly? This can be a dedicated part of the day, every other week or monthly to make any announcements or share any issues you’re having that should be discussed as a team.
Sometimes, we can be in an office and allow things to steadily stew which creates more hostile environments and distraction. There is enough distraction going on in the world/country without us having even more in the place where you spend most of your time. There are different ways to set this up, but it’s
healthy to communicate our problems or what we would like to improve around us.
You can definitely do this! As a matter of fact, ask anyone in your office the question I asked in the subject line & see what they say.
Have a great day!
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